We've done the hard work for you, pairing the right Face mask with the right face oil for your skin type and for optimal results. For Normal/Combination skin types we've paired our wonderful Hydrate & Replenish Face Mask with our powerhouse pure 100% fragrance free Argan oil. Both our mask and our oil work together to ensure a cleansed but nourished and regenerated look to the skin. 



(Active Ingredients: Spirulina, Aloe Vera, Jasmine)


Our Spirulina, Aloe Vera and Jasmine mask provides a soothing, replenishing boost. High in protein and antioxidants, Superfood Spirulina fends off free-radicals, eliminates toxins, increases the skin's metabolism while fighting the appearance of ageing. Aloe vera and jasmine gently soothe and deeply replenish the skin. This mask improves overall skin health and is a wonderful addition to any weekly skin care routine.


Fragrance free, Vegan, Normal/Combination Skin




Known as 'Liquid Gold' Argan oil boasts a high composition of essential fatty acids and plant sterols but doesn't clog pores. Rich in vitamin E, this prized oil deeply penetrates to effectively repair damage such as acne scarring, stretch marks, and dryness. It is also effective in improving skin elasticity, reducing redness and rebalancing sebum production to prevent future breakouts.


Fragrance free, Vegan, All Skin Types, Non comedogenic.


  • For a relaxing experience and to gently regenerate and replenish your skin, activate one teaspoon of mask powder with a small amount of water (or alternatively, honey or plain yogurt) to form a soft, rich PASTE.


    Gently smooth over a cleansed face in an upward motion and relax for 5-8 minutes.


    Rinse your mask off with lukewarm water or remove with a damp cloth, rehydrating the mask as you cleanse.


    Follow with your daily moisturiser. Once your daily moisturizer has had time to skin into your skin for a few minutes, gently warm 3-4 drops of our active repair Argan face oil in your palms and gently press on to the skin on your face.


    Recommended for once weekly application.