For Sensitive skin types we've paired our wonderfully gentle Calm and Soothe Face Mask with our much loved, pure Rosehip oil. Both our mask and our oil work in tandem to ensure cleansed, calm, soft skin without any irrtation. This Face mask set is an excellent choice for all skin types, but particularly gentle on sensitive skin. 



(Active Ingredients: Pink Clay, Rosehip, Chamomile)


Formulated with all natural, mineral rich pink clay and a nutrient rich blend of Rosehip, chamomile and colloidal oats. The powerful anti-ageing properties of Rosehip combine with the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile to calm and nourish, while colloidal oats gently refines and smoothes the skin, leaving it radiant, supple and naturally decongested.


Fragrance free, Vegan, Sensitive Skin




Harvested from the seeds of the Rosehip bush, our Vitamin C rich Rosehip oil has been scientifically proven to effectively stimulate collagen production, reduce redness, diminish fine lines and improve overall skin tone. The unique combination of fatty acids and vitamins in Rosehip makes this nourishing oil a fantastic face moisturizer and a natural and effective remedy for scaring, hyper-pigmentation and sun damaged skin.


Fragrance free, Vegan, Sensitive Skin, Non comedogenic.


  • For a relaxing, gentle and calming experience, activate one teaspoon of mask powder with a small amount of water (or alternatively, honey or plain yogurt) to form a soft, rich PASTE.


    Gently smooth over a cleansed face in an upward motion and relax for 5-8 minutes.


    Rinse your mask off with lukewarm water or remove with a damp cloth, rehydrating the mask as you cleanse.


    Follow with your daily moisturiser. Once your daily moisturizer has had time to skin into your skin for a few minutes, gently warm 2-3 drops of our Rosehip face oil in your palms and gently press on to the skin on your face.


    Recommended for once weekly application.